HyperX Motorsports


HyperX Motorsports was founded in 2016, by 16-year-old Colby Wemple. During recovery of major off-road crash losing over half of his hand, he simply had nothing else better to do. He created something he enjoys and knows very well. Creating HyperX Motorsport at 16 Years old was not easy, especially licensing and getting started up with manufacturers and distributors. Colby Wemple has tremendous hours of building this company with some high standards to make it appealing to our customers. Constantly researching what the next most innovative product will be as he hopes to start manufacturing his own product line in the near future. Colby not only hopes that you respect his young age and worth ethic as a factor when purchasing with us, but how we stand behind our products as another.

You can trust in the HyperX Motorsports family, as we keep our extremely valued customers upon us. We are always here to assist you with any questions regarding installation, functionality, warranties or would like to talk about what is best for your Off-road needs. We would love to do so, Email us or fill out our request we will get back with you extremely fast as customer loyalty is one of our top priorities.