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Polaris Industries is an American manufacturer of UTV, ATV, and Snowmobile. Polaris is based in the Minneapolis exurb of Medina, Minnesota, USA. The company also manufactures motorcycles through its Victory Motorcycles subsidiary and through the Indian Motorcycle subsidiary which it purchased in April 2011. Polaris no longer produces watercraft.

In 2010 Polaris relocated a portion of its utility and sports vehicle assembly to Mexico. Components manufactured in Osceola, Wisconsin and the vehicle assembly in Roseau, Minnesota. The vast majority of power train and vehicles for the off-road line are manufactured in the Osceola and Roseau facilities, respectively. Both the Victory and Indian motorcycle brands are American made with complete powertrains and vehicle assembly located in Osceola, Wisconsin and Spirit Lake, Iowa, respectively.

Polaris is taking the UTV aspects of off-road to the next level. Always innovating and releasing new lines of improved design. Polaris is always competing with many other close competitors for the most genuine SXS (Side by Side) avalible. UTV's are taking over the off-road market and Polaris will continue to believe in their outstanding products for the elite consumer.